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Why we’ve open-sourced Code for Life

Why we’ve open-sourced Code for Life

In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve open-sourced the game and portal of our free Code for Life education initiative.

To give you a bit of background, Code for Life consists of free teaching resources, including lesson plans, videos, and the Rapid Router game.

To play, pupils use basic programming principles to guide a van to its destination, learning as they go.

To begin with they use Blockly, a visual programming language similar to Scratch. The routes and concepts get harder as pupils progress through each level. Later on, the game introduces Python.

Code for Life currently has 36,300 users around the world.

And now we’re hoping that people will be able to develop their skills further by contributing to Code for Life itself.

You can play with game-running JavaScript, Python/Django, animation using SGV and Raphael, and a lot more. We’d like input from all sorts of backgrounds, whether you’re: a programmer looking for a creative outlet; a teacher hoping to shape the resources; a polyglot who’d like to help with translation; or even a pupil putting your skills to the test.

To contribute, head over to GitHub, check out the issue tracker, and get started. There you can suggest new features or assign yourself an issue to develop (you’ll find more info about how to do this on GitHub).

You never know, if your code is impressive enough, you may even land an interview…

Have fun

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