Our offices, high above the Market Square, have fantastic views of the city from our huge windows and 5th floor terrace – the perfect spot to relax. We’ve designed the office space to reflect our values and foster a great work culture. Teams are separated by glass partitions, so you can work in peace while still interacting with colleagues. There are also plenty of areas for collaboration, from ‘war rooms’ – so-called because they’re where we gather spontaneously to plan and strategise – to conference rooms, cosy common areas, and a big central space for workshops and celebrations.

Finally, our kitchen is where we like to hangout and share coffee. Thanks to display technology, we can also say hello to colleagues in other offices.

5 fun facts about Wrocław

  • ODRA computers were produced here, including the most famous and technologically advanced, the ODRA 1305 – designed in the 1970s and used in one of Wrocław’s railway stations until 2010.
  • For over 60 years, from 1947 to 2009, Wroclaw had a famous cinema – Kino Dworcowe – offering non-stop film projections in the main train station building. Throughout its existence, around seven million people visited Kino Dworcowe. It was the last train station cinema in Europe.
  • Wrocław has over 300 tiny inhabitants, the dwarfs. The first appeared on Swidnicka Street in the 80s as symbol of the Polish anti-communist movement, the Orange Alternative.
  • Once, there were over 300 bridges in Wrocław. Now, there are well over 100. On the Tumski Bridge, newlyweds symbolically lock a padlock and toss the key into the river.
  • Wrocław is one of two European cities where you can meet an old school lamplighter. The first gas street lamps occurred in Wrocław in 1846 and traditional gas lamps still remain at Ostrow Tumski. The lamplighter, dressed in a cape and a hat, still lights the lamps every evening.


Ola Rak, Product Owner

I like working here because people are given a lot of trust and autonomy, as a result of which they take responsibility for what they are doing. Consequently, there is openness to development as no one is afraid to give either positive or negative feedback or to make a mistake. The employees are already motivated to work because they feel it is also their place and they are in charge of taking care of it.

The office is something more than just a workplace. It is arranged in such a way that all the employees can interact, network or socialise after work. The company, in fact, are people who work towards common goals and the office reflects this attitude.

Local benefits

  • Health and life insurance, multi-sport and benefit lunch cards
  • Warm welcome Pizza Parties, annual family picnics and Christmas party
  • Annual bike servicing
  • Language lessons
  • Live performances from our employees' bands
  • Volunteering possibilities: blood donation, University of Kids, Mind the Gap, Noble Box – supporting families in need
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