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Episode 4: How to hire in a world where unicorns don’t exist

Following on from the last episode of Pi & Mash, we’re mixing things up, turning the tables around and taking a look at how technology companies can ensure their teams have all the skills needed to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. We’ll also myth-bust the idea of the ever-elusive unicorn candidate and find out what our guests have to say about job hunting in this ever changing industry.

Useful Links

Technology Careers

Getting Hired – A guide

What is Data Science?


Guests in order of appearance:

Ant Davis – Security Response Engineer (and podcaster, in his spare time)

Andreia Silva – Data Science Team Lead

Marcin Druzkowski – Senior Research Data Scientist

AJ King – Organisational Scientist

Alex Howard Whitaker – Cloud Services Engineer

Zara Belmar – Technical Recruiter

Written and hosted by Holly Godwin

Produced by Green Barge Audio with original music by Nic Sims


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