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Episode 2: Just say no!

This episode delves into the dreaded to-do list. Featuring guests Susannah and Anna; experts within product management, who want to wave goodbye to backlogged work for good, and AJ, who explores the psychological ramifications of an unmanageable list of work undone. Maybe we could all see ourselves saying no to ever-growing workloads after this episode of Pi & Mash.

Useful Links

Product Owner Blog – Anna Miedzianowska’s personal blog

Basecamp (formerly 37 Signals)


Guests in order of appearance:

Anna Miedzianowska – Head of Product at Ocado Technology

Susannah Ellis – Product Owner

AJ King – Organisational Scientist

Written and hosted by Holly Godwin

Produced by Green Barge Audio with original music by Nic Sims


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