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Episode 1: A Universal Language

A discussion with Celine Boudier, team lead of the Code for Life initiative, reveals the importance of teaching children how to code at a young age. We explore how we can start introducing these all important life skills, discuss Code for Life’s accessible and engaging coding games and find out why you should never give up on your dream of managing a robotic football team.

Useful Links

Code for Life – An education initiative with a mission to create free open source games and teaching materials to help children learn to code. For more relevant reading material, go to our blog or follow @codeforlifeuk on twitter and facebook for live updates.

Rapid Router – Code for Life’s first game designed for primary school students as a response to computer science being added to the curriculum in 2014.

AI:MMO – Have a sneak peak at Code for Life’s second game (currently in development), where students can program an avatar on an adventure through space and time. Designed for 11-18 year olds.

Nao – The 58cm tall android designed by SoftBank robotics. Star of the Robo Cup League. Also See Aibo, the Robo Cup’s previous bot of choice prior to Nao.

Linda Liukas – founder of Rails Girls and author of Hello Ruby.


Guests in order of appearance:

Celine Boudier – Code for Life Team Lead

Lilla-May – Year 6 student living in London.

Written and hosted by Holly Godwin

Produced by Green Barge Audio with original music by Nic Sims



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