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Why you should work in... Supply Chain Systems

You know when you get your internet shopping delivered and it doesn’t have a key product, and even worse, it has been substituted for an item that you will never use? Well that is what can happen when Supply Chain Systems go wrong. Do you know why Ocado has industry...

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Why we've just opened our first Bulgarian office

Ocado Technology employs over 650 software engineers in the UK and Poland. We are intending to continue to grow that number significantly in both Poland and the UK in 2016. Our need for talented software developers is driven, in part, by our ambitious project to rewrite, from scratch, our end-to-end...

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What my parents think I do – an experiment in recruitment

What would you say to a video from our employees about why they love their job? Something like, ‘well, they have to say that’ probably.

We wanted to show off why our employees are so special and what they love about their jobs – i.e why you should want to...

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Why you should work in… Algorithm Development

My team researches, implements and analyses new automation mechanisms. We sit within the Simulation and Visualisation area and our focus is mainly on the company's huge CFCs (Customer Fulfilment Centres – warehouses).

Essentially, we create simulations that we then use as sandboxes to test out different control algorithms.

This could...

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Why you should work in… Simulation Research

My team builds simulations of physical systems. Our work falls into 3 categories: experimental, tactical, and operational.

At the experimental end, we build simulations and design tools for new technologies and warehouse layouts, along with prototype control algorithms.

Tactically, we try out proposed changes to our warehouse topologies...

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Work experience at Ocado – the inside view

New to tech? You’ve heard the experiences of our interns and apprentices before on this blog. Now for someone who hasn’t even started his career yet.

Secondary school student, Tiger, did his work experience here recently. In a Q&A with Tiger and one of his mentors, Diego, we found...

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No degree? No problem. Meet our award-winning apprentice.

Getting a headstart in technology can be hard work if you haven’t followed the traditional uni route, but it’s far from impossible. We interviewed Ocado Technology apprentice Ryan Scales to see how and why he did things differently.

As winner of Apprentice of the Year, he should know a thing...

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Get ahead in tech with advice from five Ocado Technology experts

Could 2015 be an important year for your career? We asked five Ocado Technology experts – from guys at the top to rising stars – for the careers advice they live by or would pass on.

Whether you’re choosing your first move or wondering where to turn next, here are...

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The life and lessons of an Ocado Technology intern

Rewind to November 2013 when, on a cold dark evening, I was entering one of Imperial College's career fairs. As a third-year Computing student I needed to find a six-month placement, but had no clue where to start looking. Should I go into finance, a bigger tech company or a...

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