Author: Anna Miedzianowska

The ROI of public speaking

‘Public speaking is not for me’ - we often hear this from our colleagues. A fraction of them say ‘maybe one day’, however this day usually never comes.

Having just delivered my first keynote speech at a cross-government conference for product managers, I decided to review the cost and...

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Test your team with this communication skills game

Communication is important. Not just for a Product Owner, but the whole team. Especially if it’s not a collocated one.

Here is an excellent test for your team: a fun exercise that will uncover communication issues that nobody was aware of.


  • Time needed: 45 – 60 minutes (30...
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So you think you’re an expert? Role reversal will open your eyes.

My team designs tools for our delivery drivers. We were pretty confident we knew the challenges they faced and the solutions they needed. But what if we were wrong?

Here’s how we made sure our products actually make their lives better!

We started our research by shadowing users. All team...

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