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The Goldilocks trial, or, how to get team sizes just right

Productivity and team size

What is the ideal team size? Many suggest seven people – give or take one. Small teams in my experience are more efficient and need less management oversight. Recently our Business Planning Systems (BPS) team reached 10 people. We started to experience a declining trend in...

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Why has a rainbow thrown up on my calendar?

Is there more to a PO’s work-life than meetings? Meetings are critical to my role: gathering requirements, progress updates, scrum meetings, department future and town hall sessions, validation sessions, one-to-ones, post mortems, Q&A sessions, regular catch-up sessions, and the list goes on...

This blog will shed some light on different...

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How to create team roadmaps – Product Owner blog 4

In this blog I’ll show you how to create simple, easy-to-follow roadmaps for the whole team to buy into (and stick to!).

My roadmap philosophy is ‘plan to achieve specified deliverables over a defined time period. This plan is dynamic, and goal and data driven (measurable)’.

A few key points:

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An innovative approach to capture innovative ideas – Product Owner blog 3

I find that people put an overwhelming focus on product innovation, but not necessarily on innovative approaches to capturing those novel ideas. With this in mind I decided to focus my efforts on finding a new way to stimulate idea creation for our team.

I knew I wanted to actively...

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What technology do you need when working with teams not collocated? Product Owner blog 2

In my first blog post I illustrated the many factors to take into consideration when building a cohesive team. This time I want to explore the technology available.

Can you make do without technology in building an effective non-collocated team? For me the answer is yes. But would that...

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How to work with teams not collocated – Product Owner blog 1

As a Product Owner working with a team across two different countries, there are lots of problems to tackle to make sure projects run smoothly. In this series of blog posts, I will explore how my team and I have overcome issues.

For a bit of background info, I’m based...

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