Our Kraków office was founded in 2012, the first outside of the UK. It was established under Anne Marie Neatham (now COO) and today is run by Greg Cempla.

The office space has grown with the team, and is designed to allow plenty of room for collaboration. We love our meetup space (which doubles as a games area for pingpong, table football and PlayStation) and the outdoor terrace is very popular in the summer. Our favourite thing is to share coffee, breakfast and even dinner together, either on the terrace or in the kitchen, depending on the weather. We’d love to show you round.

5 fun facts about Kraków

  • Kraków's main market square, founded in the 13th Century, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The city centre is also a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Walking along the riverbank you will encounter the legendary Wawel Dragon, Smok Wawelski. Legend has it that the creature lived in a cage, evoking fear among citizens. Finally, the dragon was defeated by devouring disguised sheep filled with sulphur. Since 1972 the statue of the dragon stands in front of his cage and occasionally breathes fire.
  • Kraków is famous for its local food, obwarzanek (a type of bagel) being one of the most popular. A braided piece of bread in a characteristic ring-shape, sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds, it can be found all around the Market Square, sold by street vendors. It looks striking similar to the Ocado Technology logo. Coincidence?.. 
  • A bugle call is played every hour from St. Mary Church’s tower. Each time, the tune is cut short in tribute to a trumpeter who was shot by an arrow while trying to alert the city to a besieging enemy. 
  • Schindler’s List was shot mainly in Kraków, in the old Jewish district called Kazimierz. Since the 1990s Kazimierz has been an artistic, bohemian destination, its numerous cafes, galleries and historic buildings evoking an atmosphere of the past.

Kuba Piechnik, Team Leader

I find working here really exciting. My colleagues are open to new ideas and willing to support initiatives, share knowledge and help each other. We have a lot of autonomy, which gives us plenty of space to explore the latest technologies available on the market. In our office you can openly discuss your ideas with your co-workers, Team Leader or even our Head – lack of communication barriers helps to create a truly friendly working atmosphere.

We spend a lot of time playing games together, from table football to Play Station to our football championship. 

Local benefits

  • Health and life insurance, multi-sport and benefit lunch cards
  • Warm welcome Pizza Parties, annual family picnics and Christmas party
  • Annual bike servicing
  • Language lessons
  • Live performances from our employees' bands
  • Volunteering possibilities: blood donation, University of Kids, Mind the Gap, Noble Box – supporting families in need
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