May 2017

Ocado Technology releases on-premise mesh datacentre as open source
30th May 2017 – Computer Weekly

Ocado open sources its Kubermesh on-premise cloud technology
30th May 2017 – V3

Ocado taps Kubernetes to deliver open source software for smart factories
30th May 2017 – Computer Business Review

Ocado open sources Kubermesh to reduce data centre reliance
30th May 2017 – The Stack

Ocado Penetrates Data Centre Game With Open Source Package
30th May 2017 – Data Economy

New software allows smart warehouses to streamline data centres
30th May 2017 – IT Pro Portal

Open Source Solution For Smarter Warehouses
30th May 2017 – HuffPost

Ocado’s OpenStack private cloud ensures low-latency connectivity for warehouse robotics
28th May 2017 – Computerworld UK

How automation will affect the future – the experts’ view
23rd May 2017 – Source: BBC

Google’s latest platform play is artificial intelligence, and it’s already winning
18th May 2017 – Source: The Verge

Hypnotic video shows thousands of autonomous crates flying through Ocado’s robo-factory
15th May 2017 – Source: Wired UK

How an Online Grocery Platform Could Reshape Retail as We Know It
9th May 2017 – Source: Harvard Business Review

Ocado Delivery-Based Grocery Store
8th May 2017 – Source: MIT Technology Review

Lessons on data culture from Ocado
5th May 2017 – Source: RedMonk

What is TensorFlow, and how are businesses using it?
1st May 2017 – Source: Computerworld UK

Dobbies garden centre chain strikes deal with Ocado
1st May 2017 – Source: BBC


April 2017

CW500 video: James Donkin, general manager talks about cloud use at Ocado Technology
28th April 2017 – Source: Computer Weekly

Artificial Intelligence Comes to the Rescue for the Retail Industry
25th April 2017 – Source: Frost & Sullivan

The UK’s top 50 data leaders 2017
12th April 2017 – Source: EU Automation

Going Soft With Robotics
6th April 2017 – Source: EU Automation

Dan Nelson: Machine Learning & Data Science Innovation at Ocado Technology
5th April 2017 – Source: InfoQ

Before Robots Take Our Jobs, They Need to Get a Grip
4th April 2017 – Source: NBC News

Here are 283 women in the UK who could speak at your tech event
11th April 2017 – Source: TechWorld

March 2017

Inside Ocado’s grocery warehouse
31st March 2017 – Source: Business Insider

OpenStack Superuser Awards Nominee: Ocado Technology
28th March 2017 – Source: OpenStack Foundation

Here come the robots
22nd March 2017 – Source: Reuters

Dyson and Ocado to give keynotes at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference
7th March 2017 – Source: Imaging and Machine Vision Europe

Ocado: disrupting itself with technology
20th March 2017 – Source: InternetRetailing

How Ocado plans to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution
24th March 2017 – Source: Information Age

Ocado among EMEA enterprises and innovators turning to New Relic to advance digital initiatives, cloud adoption
15th March 2017 – Source: New Relic

Hot global retail tech trends impacting grocery
13th March 2017 – Source: Essential Retail

Grocery 4.0: Ocado reshapes retail with robotics and automation
13th March 2017 – Source: The Engineer

Get a GRIP! Robolution ain’t happening until TOUCH is cracked
10th March 2017 – Source: The Register

Transform customer service with machine learning at Google Cloud Next ’17
9th March 2017 – Source: Google

Ocado Technology adopts lean and agile development practices
9th March 2017 – Source: Enterprise Management 360

How to use machine learning to improve customer service
9th March 2017 – Source: TechRepublic

Ocado plans robot-powered stacking homes which can be transported on back of trucks
9th March 2017 – Source: Evening Standard

International Women’s Day: 13 best companies in Britain for female workers
8th March 2017 – Source: Independent

Ocado is to use new technology to personalise its shopper communication
8th March 2017 – Source: InternetRetailing

Ocado sets sights on global markets with its technology platforms
3rd March 2017 – Source: Enterprise Management 360

Ocado trials grocery delivery by electric vehicle to reduce air pollution
4th March 2017 – Source: Independent

February 2017

Towards a greater collaboration between human and robot
14th February 2017 – Source: New Electronics

IoT and delivery: How pallets, packages and products are talking back
20th February 2017 – Source: Digital Supply Chain

Big data projects need business input and careful management
23rd February 2017 – Source: Computer Weekly

Data science jobs: British Gas, Comparethemarket, Ocado and Barclays target machine learning expertise
15th February 2017 – Source: Computerworld UK

Ocado develop robotic arm
18th February 2017 – Source: AOL UK

How do you build a robot army?
15th February 2017 – Source: Ars Technica

The technology transforming the retail industry
13th February 2017 – Source: Computer Weekly

Robots and Retail: A Powerful Delivery System
6th February 2017 – Source: ReadItQuick

These Are The Robots That Will Be Doing Your Online Shopping In the Future
14th February 2017 – Source:

Shopping Robots on the march
7th February 2017 – Source:

Inside Ocado: Discover The Hidden Robotic Intelligence Behind Your Online Shopping
7th February 2017 – Source:

Q&A with Ocado CFO: Amazon, robotic arms and one-hour delivery
3rd February 2017 – Source: The Grocer

January 2017

Robotic Grocers Have Learned How to Handle Your Vegetables
31st January 2017 – Source: The MIT Technology Review

This Robot Hand Could Soon Be Packing Your Ocado Order
31st January 2017 – Source: The Huffington Post

Hand delivered: will Ocado’s robot soon be picking your shopping?
31st January 2017 – Source: The Guardian

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