We are Ocado Technology’s newest, and so one of its smallest development centres, with slightly fewer than 30 people here now, which gives it a great family feel. We have four development teams working on a range of products, from Ocado’s mobile apps to key products for our OSP platform.

We are serious about development and have a great team, but when we need to take a break, we have a very competitive table football league, and we regularly enjoy eating lunch together, both in the office and out in the city.

Our ambitions for this development centre are great. We intend to pull in plenty of new software products, and more than double the size of our team this year. While we do that, we are focused on making sure we keep the friendly Ocado culture and the close-knit teams.

5 fun facts about Barcelona

  • When it rains, the whole city melts down!
  • So what happens when it snows? Luckily, that's only once every 7 years
  • If you split Barcelona into 3 parts you get:
    • BAR - Pub
    • CEL - Sky
    • ONA- Wave
    • ...Which describes Barcelona perfectly
  • Barcelona topped the National Geographic's 'Top Ten Beach Cities' list
  • ...But our 5 beaches did not exist before the 1992 Summer Olympics – they were created especially

Cliff, Head of Ocado Technology Barcelona

I have been in Barcelona for over a year now. First, it is very different to working in the UK! Lots more sun, lots more beaches, much less rain...

The city is a great one to work in, and we have built up a really international team here. With fewer than 30 people, we already cover 10 nationalities. That diversity is a real strength, and the office is a fun, vibrant place to work.

Local benefits

  • Shorter office hours in August (9am-3pm) and finish early on Fridays.
  • 23 days annual leave (25 after 3 years)
  • €81 monthly restaurant card
  • Private health insurance
  • Monthly socials
  • Language lessons
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